Menu Plans

What Will You Eat?

The VegDieters approach to weight loss and weight management is truly a food lover's diet. Every day you will have a variety of menus to choose from based on whole, fresh foods and simple preparation.

As a VegDieters member, you'll get daily menu plans that you can customize to suit your taste and dietary needs. Whether you eat typical vegan meals or you need something specialized such as raw, soy-free, or gluten free meals, we have menu plans just for you. As you make your meal plan choices for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks our meal plan generator calculates your nutritional counts for each meal and for the day. It also compiles a menu plan for you based on your food choices that you can print out for the week.

You will also learn how to make smart food choices for your weight management and nutritional needs as well as food variety so you can create your own meal plans with your family in mind. As a member you will have access to an abundance of recipes to help you plan simple meals, build a healthy diet, and achieve a healthy weight for your body.

Here's a sample of the foods offered in the menu plans:


Couscous Breakfast Bowl

  • Couscous Breakfast Bowl
  • Rice milk

More options:

Millet Crunch Granola, Scrambled "Eggs" and Toast with Apple Butter, How Buckwheat Cereal and Marinated Strawberries, Apple Cinnamon Quinoa, Vegan Breakfast Potatoes, Banana Blueberry Muffins, Rice Pudding, Mixed Fruit Bowl with Nuts, Bananas with Cashew Coconut Cream, and more!


Vegetable Strudel

  • Vegetable Strudel
  • Strudel pastry filled with spinach, zucchini, onion, eggplant, grated carrot, & peppers
  • Mixed Melon Bowl

More options:

Millet Burger with Fresh & Chunky Salsa and Lemony Corn Salad, Grilled "Cheese" Sandwich with Gazpacho, Creamy Cauliflower Potato Soup and Bran Muffin, Collard Wraps, Fresh Gazpacho with Five Alive Crackers, Hummus, and Sliced Avocado, and more!


Broccoli Tomato Rice

  • Broccoli Tomato Rice
  • Green Salad
  • Fresh Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing

More options:

Raw Cauliflower Korma with Spinach & Kale Salad and Fresh Citrus Dressing, Zucchini Linguine with Basil Pesto, Spicy Stuffed Bell Peppers and Lemony Chickpea Stirfry, Garden Chili with Wholewheat Pita Chips, and more!

Desserts & Snacks

Fruity Carrot Pumpkin Cake

  • Fruity Carrot Pumpkin Cake

More options:

Creamy Fruity Pops, Grapes and Walnuts, Soy Protein Shake, Oatmeal Cookies, Apples with Nut Butter, Cheesy Popcorn, and more!

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